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Our story….
April 2019

Working with Wally has been nothing short of amazing.  After searching for new homes in Downers Grove with a few real estate agents, we finally found our forever home. Luckily, Wally fell right into our laps and it has been a blessing ever since.  Wally knew of our distaste for prior agents we had and welcomed us with open arms.  He made it an effort to get to know our family and dive into exactly what we wanted out of a realtor.  Wally was able to help us close on a short sale that we had no prior experience with and without him, we would of never gotten it done!  There were some small issues that came up within the closing process but with his tools and knowledge, those issues became nonexistent. 

We liked Wally so much throughout this process that we asked him to sell our townhouse.  He was more than willing to agree and jumped right into it.  From taking interior doors off to get better pictures to bringing over lunch to answering every question we had; there was nothing Wally couldn’t do!  Our townhouse even flooded hours before the home inspection and Wally stayed calm while addressing the disaster head on.  His effort to mitigate the damage, bringing over his personal tools, and being open and honest throughout the whole situation proved that he was a natural in his field.  I would give Wally three thumbs up if it was humanly possible and we will be using him for all future real estate adventures.  You and your family will be in great hands with Wally, there is not a better real estate agent in the game!

Thanks again Wally!

David & Mindi 

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